19th Century Diet Tips

Came across an article the other day “Fad diets are as old as the battle of the bulge” and it’s a good insight into what those who went before us used to follow as well.

You see, ever since forever people have been wanting to get back in their skinny jeans.

Or the equivalent of the time.

It even mentions ‘back in the 19th century there were many people who came to the conclusion that the rich, fatty diet of westerners was causing physical, moral and social decay and that we could be healthier living in a state closer to our prehistoric ancestors or indigenous hunter gatherers’.

Sound familiar?

Seems all this going back to eating real foods isn’t such a new concept after all.

Another interesting one was from Hippocrates who apparently took the approach of:

‘he believed it was mostly a problem of too much food in and too little exercise. He said people should eat more fat, because it was more filling, and that obese people should exercise while hungry then eat their food while still out of breath, with a side of diluted wine’.

Well he started off well didn’t he?

Eat more fat – check. Yep that’s a winner for sure.

Too much food in and too little exercise – check. No brainer.

Not sure what the side of diluted wine did though.

Maybe he was just a wineo from way back and that was just his way to justify it.

Good for him.

But the winner for sure was old mate King William the Conqueror.

Seems he definitely was a wineo.

‘…had a bizarre dieting regimen that included locking himself away and eating nothing, drinking only alcohol’.

He did this because he became too fat for his horse apparently.

He did get back on the horse, but not for long cause he fell off his horse in battle and died 5 weeks later in agony.

Guess they didn’t have DUI on horses in those days.

While some of these are obviously good for a laugh it just goes to show that there were some pretty spot on theories even back then.

The end result of course is eat less, move more and eat more real food.

The good thing is weight loss still isn’t rocket science – despite what some people try and make it out to be.



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