4 PROVEN Ways To Get Results

There’s a reason why you train right?

Maybe it’s so you don’t go postal and go after that bitch in the office after one of those days?

Maybe it’s so you can fit back into those skinny jeans in the back of the wardrobe that you can’t bear to throw away?

Maybe it’s like mine and so you don’t end up dead before your time?

Whatever it is you want something that gives you the right outcome yeah?

So here’s 4 things that – when followed – will give you proven results.

1) Tell someone your exact goal – get it out in public. Don’t keep it all inside. Have someone you can be accountable towards.

That way they can help you plan – whether it be when it comes to the right food choices at home or at work. No point going along this path alone.

2) Know exactly what you want to get out of this.

Don’t just say ‘it’ll be nice to lose weight’. Instead think ‘I’m going to drop down a dress size’.

3) Invest in guidance with someone who you can be held accountable with.

Basically, you want someone who has a proven track record of getting what you are looking to get.

Sounds common sense but too many people stuff around in the gym without much of an idea or plan – a little bit of this and a little bit of that – and despite the best intentions, don’t really get anywhere.

That’s where I come in.

4) But most importantly out of all of the above, they do the work.

Sure, I can give you the complete blueprint, hold your hand so-to-speak, BUT if you don’t turn up day in and day out and follow it and put it into action then you’ll still be stuck where you are.

If you are sick and tired of those flabby arms and pants that you can’t slide over your thighs anymore – and are ready to invest in yourself and seek the expert help to get you on track I’m taking on 2 more online clients.

As a heads up, the investment may not be the cheapest in town but the accountability makes it guaranteed results. So, basically, I’m backing this’ll work for you otherwise you don’t pay.

It’s either $97/mth or $197/mth depending on what level of accountability you’re looking for.
If you’re interested – I don’t just accept anyone with a wallet and a pulse. You’ve got to answer these couple of questions first to help me decide whether we’d be the right fit together.

Sound fair enough?



PS – Like I said, I only want another 2 clients on the online program so I can devote enough time to everyone. So don’t mess around. Get started now – these’ll be gone by months end. Go here now.

If you’re keen to get more accurate and biased (cause I know what works!) action points that separate fact from fiction – and what actually work in the real world – turn your email inbox into your number one skinny jeans shapeup & toning resource with the DPM Skinny Jeans Inside Mail

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