All Show, No Go

Yes I’m going to talk about the Superbowl yesterday.

Fear not if you’d rather watch paint dry than watch it.

Stick with me cause I saw something that you might get.

Something that actually reminds me of you.

Carolina (the hot favourites) had the flashy, loudmouth quarterback and Denver (the underdogs) had the old, some might say boring but consistent guy.

You know the type that does what they have to do to get things done.

Without all the accolades?

Sound familiar yet?

The flashy guy got his arse kicked.

Made mistakes.


Got sacked (tackled) something like 6 times.

The consistent guy did what he had to do.

Nothing flash.

The real winner was the defence.

The stuff you don’t really notice.

The stuff that works.

The ones who do the work and get things done.

That wins the games that count.

Sure, I might have backed Carolina and lost but everyone loves an underdog story right?

Just like what happens when you join Team DPM.

You don’t get the flashy ‘look-at-me’ types of people.

You know the type that get all dressed up just to take the rubbish out.

Not for us.

You don’t get all the flashy exercise equipment that really has no use.

All show and no go they call it.

You don’t get judged cause you may be the slowest one to do the work.

Or not at your peak fitness right now.

Hell, that’s the whole point of doing something right?

To get back to where you used to be.

You definitely don’t need to be like that when you join Team DPM.

We just do what works.

The little things that pay off.

Some might call it boring cause it ain’t crossfit but hey – I won’t send you to the physio cause of what we do…

If you’d rather doll yourself up and train at fitness first just to be seen that’s cool.

You just wouldn’t fit in with us.

But if you’re anything but those princessy types, then you just be the right fit for us.

More the type who does what you have to do to get where you want to go.

Then you’re who I’m looking for.

I’ve currently got spaces in the following groups that may fit your schedule:

* Monday and Wednesday Mornings at Lilyfield 5:40am-6:40am (1 space left)

* Tuesday and Thursday Fatblast at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am (4 spaces left)

* Saturday Wake Up at Observatory Hill 8-9am (2 spaces left)


Go here now and lock in your spot before the house full sign goes up




PS – want in? Go here now and join me


PPS – I’ll then be in touch to confirm your start date and hook you up with your joining bonuses


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