Ana Knows The Deal

Remember Ana Ivanovic?

You get the biscuits if you guessed the tennis player.

Yep she’s still around even though you could be forgiven if you thought she’d retired.

I know I had cause i hadn’t heard of her in ages.

But it seems she’s back and confident she can return to the top of her game for the Aussie summer circuit.

Want to know her secrets?

Well I was impressed with what she’s been doing.



But it’s nice to know she does the same kinda stuff that we do here at Team DPM.

You see, her secret to getting back in shape and back to playing at the top level has been lunges.

Plenty of em.

Said they were a necessary evil.

Cause they worked.

Well, not just lunges, but her secret was:

Lunges, interval training, sprints 

The kinda stuff we do.

And the formula that I used to create the Accelerate 2016 Transformation home workout.

While you won’t find lunges and sprints in this exact workout, there program is based on the same types of principles.

The exercises that give you the biggest return on your investment (both time wise and financially) in as little time possible.

And cause we all don’t have access to a place to sprint, there’s my next best alternatives to kick of the workout.

And time is running out if you want a piece of this 5 week transformation program.

We start this Monday and that’s the absolute latest you can join me.

Instead of banging on about all the features this program has (like accountability and the food plan to follow etc) I’ll tell you what it will do for you.

Cause that’s what you really care about?

Well that’s what I’d want to know if I was sitting on the fence.

It’ll guarantee to get you back on track for 2016 – losing the extra kilos that you’ve put on over Christmas.

** So that your pants will comfortably fit again

** So that you won’t be embarrassed taking off your clothes in front of your partner 

** So that you can wear that skimpy top you got for Christmas without being self conscious.

And if it doesn’t do all of that and more for your small $97 investment?

Then you can have every cent back.

All you gotta do is do the work and follow the game plan as designed.

Sound like a fair trade?

$97 for the confidence and look that your new body will give you?

If your nodding your head yes, your next step is to 

Click the link below and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!

See you on the other side


PS – Remember to hit the ‘return to DPM Performance’ button once you complete your payment so you can get instant access to the first steps.

PPS – Time is running out! We start Monday. Don’t delay any longer.

Click the link below and get on board NOW so you can get yourself sorted over the weekend for a Monday start

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!


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