And The Oscar Goes To…

So it’s Oscars day today.

Not my cup of tea but each to their own.

The one thing I do know though is those that get the gong are the ones that are at the top of their game.

Not those that do a bit of this and bit of that.

It’s the ones that are totally dedicated to their craft.

The ones that put in that little bit extra.

The ones who are absolutely living and breathing what they are doing.

Basically they’re all in.

Unlike the Logies where you need your Nanna to get TV Week and vote every week this is the real deal – peer voted.

Now, that’s not saying you need to become a social hermit and lock yourself away in a cave to get any progress when it comes to making those scales shift in the right direction.

Of course not.

So if there was an awards ceremony of Oscars like proportions for your workout and diet regime how would it stack up?

Do you go all in for a few weeks only to pack up shop half way through the goal because it all gets too hard and life gets in the way – basically storming off with a diva fit half way through filming and never coming back?

Or are you all in once you commit yourself to this new role. And become focused on nailing it 100% because if you’re going to do anything you’re going to do it properly? And when the tough days happen you get on with it because you know the sun still comes up tomorrow.

Sure you may not be able to devote 100% attention to it like a Hollywood celebrity but really do you need to?


You can still live and breathe your normal life while making the adjustments that are needed to put in that little bit extra.

Basically the difference between the winners and the ones who go to the ceremony just for the free gift bags they get and the afterparty.

To be honest – the difference isn’t as wide as you think.

The winners just do the little things right.

And when they slip up they don’t stew on it.

So you might make a dud movie? So what.

They get on with it.

Making sure the next role is the one that is going to be the one that gets them to where they want to be.

Podium or not.



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