Are They Finally Catching On?

Don’t know whether you came across this yesterday in the media?

Seems the ‘latest and greatest’ way to lose the kgs and also prevent diabetes is to cut down on sugar and carbs.

That, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, is the surefire way to drop that extra bit of unsightly flab that’s been hanging around longer than an uninvited friend when its free drinks.

That might be ground breaking news for some, but obviously, if you’ve been around here long enough you know I’ve been giving you the inside mail on that for years.


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Always pays to be ahead of the majority.

Despite all the backlash that those space cadet nutritionists continue to dish out.


Because the majority are always wrong.

Just take a look at the average person in the food court of any busy shopping centre at lunch time.

There’s always those who don’t care and will go the Maccas option.

But there’s the ones I feel sorry for – the ones who are trying to be good and getting the healthy sandwich or the boost juice as the better option.

When the line up for a naked burrito at the mexican place is almost empty.

I know what I’d rather.

Give me the naked burrito anyday.

Not just cause it tastes better, but cause it’s better for the waistline too.

The full article is well worth the read but in short:

“Recent research indicates that cutting down on dietary carbohydrate is the single most effective approach for reducing all of the features of the metabolic syndrome and should be the primary strategy for treating diabetes, with benefits occurring even in the absence of weight loss,” the researchers say.

The prevalence of diabetes increases 11-fold for every 150 additional sugar calories consumed daily, compared with the equivalent amount of calories consumed as fat, they say in an editorial in theBritish Journal of Sports Medicine published online today.

Interesting right?

Well, it’s nice to see this side of the argument finally getting some traction in the media – even though they give it a backhanded slap towards the end of the article by getting a dietician to give their view.

But it’s a start.

We’ll take it as a win.

The only thing different to the DPM eating plan is it contains what I call carb cycling.

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