Are You The Last One Standing?

We’re on the home straight! Spring is only weeks away and it can’t come soon enough. The days are getting longer – the early morning group is seeing daylight for the first time in a while before we finish (which is  a nice change!) and the evening group starts in the fading sunlight – rather than pitch black (which is just as nice!)

The jackets and pants will be traded for singlets and shorts. Our moods start to pick up. Life is on the up!

So, I’ve created an extra reason to get you to training to help you get back in those skinny jeans and be able to rock that bikini at the beach without feeling self-conscious.

Introducing The Last One Standing

On that point, I’ve come up with something to reward you for being ‘The Last One Standing’.

From now until the end of September, I will be keeping a tally of every single session you attend.

Each session gets you 1 point.

The DPMer with the most sessions clocked up on 30 September will win a $100 Visa Debit Card.

If there’s a tie we’ll split the prize.

I’m backdating this to yesterday (11/8) so those training on Mondays aren’t effected.

So let’s start clocking up those sessions!

And if you need to ramp up your DPM Makeover package just let me know and we can make it happen

Better still, if you are not currently a part of Team DPM either email me – or give me a buzz – 0415 843 675 and I’ll hook you up with a $50 Visa Debit card as an incentive to get started. Just mention this blog post to get your welcome bonus.

Current DPMers: you’re not forgotten either. Just recommend a friend join – HINT: Use your 2 weeks on the house gift cards that only DPMers were given – to encourage someone to come along. When they join – you’ll both get a $50 Visa Debit Card as well as your usual free month rebate as a thank you!

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