Bad Back? Try This

Why on earth do we think we’re unbreakable when we’re young?

I always joke that I’ve got a body of a old fella in his 70’s but somedays it doesn’t feel that far off.

Too many years of getting beat up playing a game against blokes that were a lot bigger than me.

And not listening to my body and letting it recover fully before getting back on the field.

End result now is my back and my neck are a mess.

What about you?


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Too many years seated in front of that computer screen causing something similar for you?

You’re in luck if yes cause I came across these 5 little exercises that you might find useful after another day where you’ve spent too much time seated.

# 5 on the list is definitely the best one for mine.

Most people don’t realise if your lower back is ordinary than your hip flexors are more than likely to be tight.

It makes sense when you think about it cause we’ve been sitting for a long period, back gets weak, hip flexors get tight.

So check out this link for the best stretch to do to help release em.

I’d do that one at least once a day if you’ve got issues.

Another thing that I find helps my lower back is putting a small cushion in between my lower back and the car seat when I’m driving.

You might find that helps too?



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