Be Cool Honey Bunny

“Everybody be cool this is a robbery”

You know that line from Pulp Fiction right?

Then you know how the rest goes.

Seriously one of the best movies made hands down.

Although I gotta admit I had to watch it a second time initially to get hooked cause all the scene jumping around threw me initially.

After all, I am a simple man…

Anyways, I got home from Dan’s Cans the Friday before last and that was on.

So I couldn’t go to bed of course.

Had to see it through even if I’ve only seen it a dozen or so times now I guess.

But I love that coffee shop scene.

When bad arse Jules is going through his ‘transitional phase’,

And started to reason with Tim Roth’s character, getting him to reassure his girlfriend to calm down.

Jules: “Tell that bitch to be cool”

“Be cool honey bunny”

That scene got me thinking of how you feel after a workout believe it or not.

Yep, I can get a parallel from Pulp Fiction for most things right?

But after that hit out:

You’re calm

You’re feeling good

It was worth it

You’ve got those feel good hormones pumping through your body

Even when you may not have wanted to do the workout in the first place.

The hard parts always starting isn’t it?

Then you find your groove.

So, what I wanted to share with you today was simple:

Yep, it’s a busy time of year.

We’re all under the pump that little bit more.

But remember that ‘be cool honey bunny’ feeling that you’ll get afterwards.

Stay cool and calm and everything will be alright.

That’ll make it worth the time to get it done.

Especially if you follow the DPM style of short, results driven workouts.

Now normally, this is when I encourage you to join me.

But like I said on Friday, I’m closing it down for the year this week.

Yes, the sessions are still on but it’s too late for you to join me.

If you want in though you can join the waiting list and be first on deck come the first week of January next year.

When everyone else shits themselves about the Christmas kilos they’ve put on and decide to do something about it.

Want to beat the queue?

Answer these couple of questions and we can lock you in for a start.


NOTE: When you lock in your position for a morning group I’ll give you a Christmas bonus of 3 DPM home workouts that you can get into immediately so come January 4 you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


PS – you’ll also lock in 2015 prices that are guaranteed to never rise for you

But go here now and do it



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