Best Butt Secrets

Back in the day Lebron, DWade and Chris Bosh made up Miami’s big 3

(NBA basketball if you’re not sure what I’m on about)

The Melbourne Cheats (Who me? A bitter Parramatta supporter?!) have their big 3 too.

Smith, Cronk and my nemisis Billy Slater when he isn’t too busy dropping knees into everyone.

But there’s a big 3 you may not have heard of as much.


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This big 3 may not be on as much coin as those blokes that I already mentioned.

But it’ll help you if you ever decide you want to enter the Outbacks Best Butt Competition (yes, there is such a thing).

However, I’m guessing that you’re more interested in what these big 3 can do for you.

And that’s helping you get that tight, toned butt.

You know the one that you can bounce a quarter off (to steal an Americanism)

And to win the Outback’s Best Butt comp too if the urge ever strikes you.

I’m talking about these:




The DPMers do these in many variations – Sumo, Uneven, Side, Reverse etc.

And if you’re not adding these into your program then you’re missing out.

Need help getting that butt into action? The group sessions at Observatory Hill or Surry Hills might suit.

Reply back and I’ll send you the timetable and more info.



Ps – Check here if you don’t believe me about the Best Butt Competition:


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