Bodyweight Workout Straight From The Transformation Files

This little workout looks simple enough in theory but let me tell you this is a tough one.

It is straight from the pages of the latest Fantastic in 5 Transformation Contest that just wrapped up over the weekend and sees a different format of circuit action to what we’ve done as part of previous transformations.

Now the Transformation Contest is over I can release the beans on what the participants have been doing workout wise – and to give you a taste of what’s on offer as part of the Team DPM experience.

The beauty of this workout is it gets progressively harder as you get progressively fitter and stronger.

Start with 10 reps of all of the below and increase each exercise by 1 repetition each week until week 5 when you finish with 14 reps of every exercise.

Once again, a one rep increase each week doesn’t sound like much but you will notice it.

1. Prisoner Squat Push Ups


2. Reverse Lunges


3. Hover Knee Drives


4. Side Plank Pumps


5. Scissor Squats


Repeat x 4


Like I said, It’s harder than it looks and it never fails to leave me buggered after I’ve done it and the best part is it should only take you 15 minutes or so to complete.


If you’re interested in these type of workouts and are keen to join Team DPM – for the month of June 2014 only – if you mention that you read this blog I will shout you a $100 Visa Debit Card as a joining bonus.

Expires 30 June ,2014 and valid to new clients AND existing DPMers who refer a friend to join who mention this blog post.


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