Bye, Bye, Bye

Just like N’Sync today it’s time to ask whether it’s time to say bye.

I haven’t done it in a long while and asked this big question.

Are you actually implementing the inside mail/lessons that I’m sharing with you each day?

Now, you’re probably going to react in either of these 3 ways:

1) yeah of course, not all of them hit the spot, but the ones that do I’m on it Daniel!

2) no, but you’re right. I need this kick up the arse. I’m on it as of now!

3) get pissed off and unsubscribe cause I’ve challenged you and called you out

Now, none of them are the wrong answer to be honest.

You may be surprised with that comment.


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If you answered 1) then awesome – stay tuned cause there’s more great stuff to come

If you answered 2) take this as me calling you out – it’s time to do something – and do the work as I always say – cause it ain’t gonna get done itself

If you answered 3) and got offended by me even asking this then it’s time to N’Sync it and say bye, bye, bye.

We’re just not the right fit.

No hard feelings.

Nothing personal.

You’d be better off finding someone else that you can align with.

Or maybe come back when the timing is better for you.

Whenever someone unsubscribes (which you can do any time in any email by following the link right down at the bottom of this email) I don’t get bothered.

Doesn’t mean that I didn’t used to though.

Especially when they added feedback abusing me or saying I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I used to stew on it.

Get real pissed.

But I realised they weren’t the right fit.

They would never have ended up joining DPM anyways.

Or if they did they would’ve left (or been asked to leave) very early on after realising that we weren’t on the same page and would’ve been a pain in the arse to work with.

The great thing about running my own show is that I choose who I want to work with – and I only want people in DPM who I’d either want to have a drink with or sit down for a coffee with.

If we can’t do that then it probably wouldn’t work.

The old ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ thing as the old let-you-down-softly breakup line went.

So today I’m going to ask you that question again.

Are you actually implementing the inside mail/lessons that I’m sharing with you each day?

If it’s 3 then please unsubscribe.

I won’t take it personally.

If it’s 1 or 2 then thank you.

And enjoy the ride.



PS – if you’ve got any questions or want me to write about anything in particular let me know.


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