Dead Poets & Cricketers

Ever seen the movie Dead Poets Society?

I was a bit slow on the uptake personally and only got around to seeing it a few months ago and WOW – great flick.

But there’s a couple of powerful scenes that stood out from that movie.

And there’s also another tie in with what I want to share from my all time fave cricketer – Steve Waugh.

If you’ve seen Dead Poets Society you’re probably thinking one of two scenes.

Well the one I mean is the “Carpe Diem” speech.

You know, seize the day.

If it’s been a while definitely check out this short clip as has a very powerful meaning – yes it’s a only a movie but it’s worth watching.

And Steve Waugh mentions something similar in one of his biographies that I’m reading now.

“What you’ve done yesterday will never, on its own, give you victory today. Every game (or day for regular punters like you and me) is about the present, the moment, you have to seize it”.

That whole carpe diem thing is a phrase that gets tossed around a bit without much thought, and without much follow through to get anything done.

But I like it.

And I see it everyday in Emily, who just turned 1 on Saturday. She just runs around with a smile on face the whole time loving every minute.

So action point today, and something that I’m doing too, is to cross off at least one thing today that will get us closer to where we want to be.

Sounds simple enough right?

But are you actually going to do it?

I suggest if you do, and if you cross of one thing each day, as I’m doing now too (just to prove I practice what I preach) and don’t just sit here on a high chair talking crap – come a months time – you would’ve done at least 20 things (5 things per week monday to friday for 4 weeks) that are getting you closer, or already at, where you want to be.



PS – was enjoying Daddy-Daughter afternoon last Friday so didn’t get to touch base. You gotta know what your priorities are right?

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