Dig Out Your Selfie Stick

Bloody selfie sticks.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when they first came out.

Saw a bunch of tourists walking around using these bloody things to get their mug in every photo.

Thought what was the world coming to?

But seems I was wrong.

Apparently those damn selfie sticks can actually be a good thing.

Well maybe not a selfie stick, but a selfie at least.

Disclaimer: I have been known to take a selfie of the fam or Emily and meĀ – just without the added tool.

Anyways, it seems that taking a selfie can be a very valuable weight loss tool.

Taking a photo in the mirror of yourself and repeating the process each week so you can see the difference.

Helps you know that you’re on track.

According to research from a Columbian University that I found here


And seeing the proof in your pudding – or reducing of your pudding so to speak is a big motivator.

Just ask those who are currently into Week 2 of the Accelerate 2016 program that kicked off last week.

There’s already been some significant changesĀ 

– over 2 kilos down in some instances in only a week

– being more mindful of what they’re eating rather than just eating for the sake of it

– feeling more energised and alive

– I could go on but you know what doing exercise and changing up a few food patterns does for you right?

So dig out your selfie stick or just get the phone in front of your mirror and snap away.

Compare it back on a weekly or monthly basis and see how much progress you’re making.

Give yourself a pat on the back that you deserve.

By the way, need help getting back on track?

Answer these couple of questions and let me know how I can help you.




PS – it’ll only take a minute out of your day but give me a head start into making it happen for you when we start working together



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