Dior Clutch Or Strandbags? You Choose

You’ve got a credit card with no max that you don’t have to pay the tab on (let’s pretend the good fairy is going to take care of it for you).

And you need a new clutch.

Only two shops are open.

What are you going to do. Go to Dior and get that sexy one or go to Strandbags and get the one that’s 30% off in the bargain bin.

Remember you’re not picking up the tab.

Your choice:

Obvious isn’t it?

Then when it comes to us, and the way we treat our own bodies, why on earth do we keep going back to that bargain bin day in and day out?

Making too many withdrawals – late nights, bad food choices, that constant feel like crap cycle?

We’re shopping at Strandbags when Dior is open right next door.

You know – how the other half live.

Making better food choices (even starting one meal at a time).

We’ve all got our own dramas going on – some more so than others.

BUT – the one’s who stop making excuses and start making things happen – they are the ones who are going to discover what if feels like to shop at Dior – are the ones who start feeling better about themselves.

And confidence in how you feel encourages the mind to make the right decisions when it comes to planning and meal times.

There’s always a lesser evil that you can choose.

Cut down on the processed crap.

It ain’t rocket science.

The whole point, as you might have caught on yesterday is to pick one thing.

Shrink the change

So that’s your challenge today – just like yesterday – shrink that change.

Pick one thing to do today and shop at Dior for a change.


PS – Analogy may be weird but I know where’d you’d rather shop.

The truth is I’ll keep putting things in different ways until the point home until the pain of not doing anything (and the side effects that come with it) is greater than the pain of doing something about it.

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