Does Your Man Know About Me?

No, I don’t have to be a secret you keep.

We’re you hide me from your partner.

Truth is, while most of the sessions I do these days are 90% (or more) women,

I don’t brush the blokes totally.

And while everything that I write is targeted for the busy woman who is short on time (cause that’s 90% of who I train), there are blokes who read this.

In fact there’s a group that is just for them.

Well, half of the week is just for them.

I know that blokes can sometimes be intimidated training with groups of women.


I don’t know entirely, but I think they might be embarrassed cause they may have a beer gut.

Or haven’t done anything since the days they used to be a young fella running around a footy field.

Or maybe cause they’re embarrassed about being shown up.

Whatever it is, I also know they like to talk bloke stuff.

Footy and drinking and the like.

So, if it helps get them out of bed in the morning.

And helps work off a few beers on the weekend.

Then I’m all for it.

Then the perfect solution for them might be to join our Lilyfield group.

The only rule I have is like for anyone.

It’s a dickhead free zone.

I only train people who I’d either sit down for a coffee or a drink with.

Not the ones that’d rather train with their shirt off and ‘look at me’ attitude.

DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

But the blokes only days are Tuesday and Fridays.

TIME: 5:40am-6:40am

Early yes but you get home by 7 and ready to start your day.

VENUE: Leichhardt Oval # 3 – right on the bay and near Le Montage.

The girls join us Monday and Wednesday.

But as you know, they’re cool and fit that same model where they only fit in if I’d sit down with a coffee or a drink with em.

Tell them to go here to get the show on the road



PS – Thanks for not keeping me a secret from them!



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