Don’t Make This Gamble

Like you I’m sure, we’ve both heard of some pretty crazy excuses that people use for getting out of a ticket from the cops.

This one takes the cake.

Now, truth be told, I love a gamble but wouldn’t recommend trying this next time you get caught in a bind with the men and women in blue.

Don’t know whether you saw this last week but a girl got out of an underage drinking fine cause she played rock, paper, scissors with the cop.

True story.

Only in America right.

Still don’t believe me? check this out.

Well she gambled and she won.

I haven’t had any brushes with the law thankfully (except that time my mate nearly got us all locked up when out in Long Island many years ago) but would I gamble my future on that stunt?

She was desperate I guess.

But would you gamble your future on a punt like that?

You’re probably thinking what on earth has an underage drinker ‘rocking off’ with a cop got to do with anything that I usually share but truth is there’s a lot.


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You see, too many people gamble when it comes to their own battle with what stares back at them in the mirror each morning.

Usually they don’t come out as successful as our drunk friend in the States.

They gamble with the scales cause it’s too wet to get out of bed and do something about it today.

They gamble with their waist line cause they take the soft option and have the ‘healthy’ option on the subway menu rather than going to that other shop in the food court that’ll give them the protein and salad on the side.

They gamble and convince themselves and choose the cheapest option will do when they want to get back in them skinny jeans.

Rather than invest in the solution that is guaranteed to work – by following a proven formula that works time in and time out for those who follow it.

Only you can decide whether you’d rather do the work or ‘rock off’ and gamble your success away.



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