Busy Sydneysiders Like You Are Raving About The DPM Fatblast System - Just Look At These Results

I believe that the DPM Transformation Sessions are the most effective weight loss system in Sydney. Why? Because they work around your busy lifestyle to give you the results that you crave without having to lock yourself away and live like a nun for 6 months.

But don’t take my word for it – why don’t you see what some of my happy clients have been able to achieve.

Meredith Blitzed 6.2cm Off Her Hips, 3.9cm Off Her Belly And 2.8cm From Her Waist In ONLY 4 WEEKS!

“A month before my wedding, I signed up for Dan’s four week transformation program and added on some personal training and group classes (two of each per week). I had done very little exercise in the months leading up to that due to health issues and I really needed to feel like I was in shape and healthy for the wedding.

I followed Dan’s food program over that time to the letter. My fitness improved significantly – six weeks on I’m now back to running 5kms three times a week. My muscle definition improved significantly and i lost centimetres from all over, especially from my belly and butt.

Dan’s workouts were challenging (especially the personal training) and he knew when to push me and when I’d maxed out. Dan is not the shouty boot camp person. He’s genuinely driven to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

He was available whenever I had questions. I liked his food philosophy and have kept up some of the new techniques. Turkey for breakfast.. you get used to it, I promise!

I’m truly grateful to Dan for helping me get in shape, and not just for my wedding. I love that I can go running like I used to and that I fit in my clothes again. Thanks Dan!”

Look At This In 4 Weeks!

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Kirsty BnA

Belle BnA

Or What About 2 Months!


Doesn’t This Feedback Sound Like Where You’d Like To Be A Part Of?

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See What Soren & Brett Achieved In Only 4 Weeks – It Works For Men Too!



As taken in a screenshot from the DPM Performance YELP account:

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What About Busy Mum Of 2 Elise?

Sabrina FINAL

Look At These Transformations In Only 4 Short Weeks

Sabrina FINAL

Sabrina FINAL

Sabrina FINAL

Sabrina FINAL


Melinda Is Another DPM Superstar

Melinda made an amazing transformation in 3 transformation contests from July 2011 to April 2012:

Melinda Futcher Jul11-Apr12Over the past eight week challenge I didn’t realised how many empty calories in the past I was consuming during my meal times until I wrote them down in my food diary. They are all those little things I added to my meals and drinks from dipping, to shaking, to pouring, to squeezing.

All those empty calories I consume at the end of the day all add up and I am sure that this has slowed me down in achieving my weight lose goals. So in the eight week challenge I have cut back on my salt, limited to adding sauces to my meal unless necessary and drinking water instead of soft drinks.

I have altogether stop using sugar and equal in my coffees and teas and now I limit my drinking of alcohol to weekends only. I will continue these changes even after the 8 week challenge and look forward in achieve my weight loss goals and having happy and healthy life style for my future.

Melinda Futcher lost a massive TOTAL 28.24% off her body in only 8 weeks! PLUS ANOTHER 5.4cm from her waist and 2.1cm from her stomach in the November 4 WEEK Express Transformation Contest!

Plus Other great success stories to inspire you:

Anne Marie“Some of the major changes to my diet and lifestyle over the last 8 weeks include the addition of more fresh fruit, vegetables, protein and less carbs at night. I also try and sleep at least 8 hours every night.

Another major change I have implemented over the last 8 weeks includes the removal of all fast foods. It has been over 10 weeks since I last ate McDonalds and I feel a lot healthier.

When I used to eat that I would feel bloated and nauseas after it, now I don’t have to go through all that anymore.

Many of the changes i have made over the last 8 weeks have also been mentally. I have learnt how to acknowledge everything I have done for myself and think more positively. I have also learnt that everything I do does not have to be approved by others and it’s okay to do what I want, because in the end I’m the only one that can make myself happy.

I think all of my changes plus my new positive outlook have all contributed to my success over the past 8 weeks.

Anne Marie La Spina lost a whopping 24.49% off her frame in only 8 weeks!

Kylie Smith 2“I have definitley noticed a difference between the start and finish of the 8 week program. I followed the guidelines and food plans for the most part, especially the last 3 weeks and it worked.

It is so easy, there are no complicated rules on what to eat, just clean and simple. It has shown me how my body responds to different foods, so it definitely has changed my bad eating habits. I have had people comment on the weight I have lost, and I feel great too. Thanks Dan!”

Kylie lost a TOTAL of 15.56% from her frame in only 8 weeks!

“The End Results Are Amazing!”



Louanne lost 11.2kg, 12cm off her waist, a massive 14.5cm from around her belly and 10.8cm off her hips

“Consistent and effective training with an eye on healthy eating takes a lot of effort and motivation. Some things I just can’t do alone. Daniel evaluated my food and my training, giving me options and rest days.

With every catch up, Daniel knew what I should have done on my own, and monitored and tracked that – generally, he kept me on my toes, and motivated me get back on the path every time I fell off.

Daniel’s motivation emails gave me the daily/weekly reminders I needed. The effort and energy I spent was no different, but focussed in different areas.

The end results are amazing, and I am extremely happy with where I have come to.

Many Thanks”
Louanne Ridderhof

Therese Finally Lost Her Bloated Belly!

“At the beginning of the training, I was constantly exhausted due to working full time and studying part time. Consequently I didn’t often make time for myself to exercise. The less exercise I did, the worse I felt, the more exhausted I became, and the vicious cycle continued.

I began my challenge with the expectation that I could change myself if I just made the time to exercise and to prepare healthy meals.

Daniel’s sessions took me to a whole new level of training. I was familiar with the basic exercises (eg. push ups) but the variations (eg. diamond push ups) were a killer! It was great to constantly challenge my body.

I was very time-poor, so the workouts were perfect for me – short and intense. I didn’t have to spend hours exercising.

However I am still extremely chuffed at the results of my 8 week challenge. I am most pleased about losing the “belly bloat”, and I’m going to continue to work on my lower half, which is notoriously stubborn and budged only a little bit by the end of the 8 week challenge.

Thanks Daniel!

Therese, Sydney

“Not Your Typical Boot Camp Instructor”

Emily Jenkins

I Finally Fee Comfortable In My Own Skin & It Feels Great!


“Thanks again Daniel, I am getting lots of great compliments off my friends about my new figure it feels awesome! I also have lost about 5 kilos in 8 weeks and fit back into pants that I haven’t been able to wear since before getting pregnant with Ella – so that feels great!

Thank you so much for this opportunity – I am finally, after several years, starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and it feels great!!!”

– Mum of one, Fiona, Kellyville


“I Have Lost 10kg & Back To A Level I’m Proud Of”

“I tried joined Dan’s training groups mid 2010 with the view to doing something different from the Gym and get my fitness back on track. I can honestly say I immediately saw results in general fitness, started to lose a couple of kilo’s and began to get a real motivation to get back in shape.

Just under 6 months later I have lost 10 kilos and back to a weight and fitness level I am proud of. Three hours a week of fun but challenging training sessions and approachable changes to diet has meant a weight loss process that has been fun, enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks Dan!!!!!”

Paul Seaman

Michelle’s Clothes Are Hanging Off Her Now!

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