DPM Success Story: Mum of 2 Catherine

Recently we wrapped up the Fantastic in 5 Transformation Contest and the winner was a busy mum of 2 Catherine. The interesting thing with this was that Catherine couldn’t do as many workouts as prescribed. In fact, I just saw her once a week during the program and her other exercise was running around looking after 2 kids under 3.

But what she did do awesomely was change her food around – and more importantly – her mind. Catherine didn’t let her obstacles and excuses get in the way of her getting what she wanted.

So I asked her for a few tips that may be able to help you with your journey.

Q:What was the biggest thing holding you back from transforming your body?

I think I was holding myself back for ages because I just felt like it would be too hard. My second baby has been very demanding and I convinced myself that I couldn’t possibly change my diet because I was too tired, I wasn’t in the right headspace, I didn’t have time to think about making changes, I didn’t have the energy, I was too tired…..!

When I took a step back I realised how ridiculous this was. The reason I was feeling like I was wasn’t just because of the baby, it was because of what I was eating (and not eating). Dan’s transformation program came along just at the right time.

Q: What was the easiest thing to change?

Surprisingly, one of the easiest changes for me was giving up the gluten-rich foods I’d been consuming on a daily basis. I thought bread and pasta would be impossible for me to live without and was initially dreading giving them up, but a few days into the program, I was already feeling the benefits of not eating them, which made it easy to carry on.

I really enjoyed trying out new recipes and eating a wider variety of vegetables than I was used to. I didn’t ever feel that I was missing out and was in fact eating more than I previously had. Before the program I would quite happily miss breakfast or lunch on the odd day, substituting with hurried snacks which weren’t doing anything for me.

Now I’m eating proper meals, loads more protein and veges than I used to, and it’s affected me both mentally and physically. I feel less tired and cranky than I did, and I have a lot more energy. I also lost quite a bit of weight very quickly – the “downside” being that I needed to buy a size smaller than my pre-pregnancy jeans. Not a bad problem to have.

Q: What was the hardest thing to change?

The hardest bit for me was trying to get all the workouts in, which I didn’t manage. The program coincided with us moving house (not fun with two littlies!) and the hubby being away with work for a week. So unfortunately the workouts suffered. The benefit of this though, is that I now know just how much I can achieve through my diet alone.

Q: What is the best tip you can give to other DPM’ers who want to do what you’ve achieved so far?

If you can get on top of the food side of things, you’ll give yourself a massive headstart. I’m excited to see what more I can achieve when I can finally get a decent amount of workouts in!

That is fantastic Catherine – I hope you enjoyed going out and buying a new wardrobe!

Thanks for sharing your secrets with the team.

And to anyone else out there who just might be not happy with where they are at but talking themselves out of starting something different because you may be too tired, too busy, too overworked etc. Just remember – do as Catherine says – start with the food. You’ll be surprised how that can change things – and change your outlook on everything.

If a busy mum of 2 can do it in the middle of moving house, looking after the kids while hubby was away for a week for work and juggling the day to day mum duties – then anyone can!

And if you need help with it – let me know and we can speak about how things may be able to work for you. Just email Daniel@dpmperformance.com.au or give me a buzz – 0415 843 675

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