Driving With No Headlights

Any Sydneysider will agree with me in saying that the weather this morning is miserable. We do needed the rain though. It’s been fantastic here for ages so I definitely can’t complain.

But it got me thinking when I was driving home stuck in traffic (thank God my car isn’t a manual these days – I got sick of clutch riding in traffic and upgraded to auto years ago).

Everywhere I looked there were countless people driving with no headlights on. This is despite there being teaming rain and not very good visibility.

Now the point of this post isn’t to whinge about Sydney drivers – that’d be a blog that would have legs of its own – but it reminded me of how too many people these days are stumbling around all by themselves with no real idea when it comes to their training.

They might read a magazine and see a workout routine to do – but they flick a few pages further – and find something that totally contradicts what the previous article said.

Or they just walk around a gym aimlessly, though well intentioned, doing a few reps here on this machine and a few reps there on that machine then hitting the treadmill for a run.

Or they just follow whatever their friend is doing – who chances are, have just as little idea about what to do.

The worse one is when they follow what their partner is doing. Mainly because most guys – while pretending they know what they are doing – absolutely have no idea about the most effective way to train – despite claiming to know everything.

That’s the reason why I train mainly women – they are not too arrogant to believe they know everything when it comes to exercise and don’t mind being steered in the right direction.

All of that leads to one thing.

Not much progress at all.

And, much like the people driving around in the pouring rain with no headlights on you become kinda invisible.

Wouldn’t you rather stand out?

I mean, wouldn’t you rather that the actual work you put in with your training actually gives you what you are going there to do in the first place? – getting you back in those damn skinny jeans that have been hiding at the back of your wardrobe!

Wouldn’t you rather follow the game plan that is designed to actually give you what you want – so all you have ┬áto do is turn up and then do what you are given for the prescribed amount of times, and with the right balance between cardio, abs, upper and lower body?

If you are sick of driving with no headlights when it comes to your own training – especially with Spring coming up in only 2 weeks – now is the time to take action and do something about it.

Turn the headlights on and follow the DPM training protocol.

That way you are guaranteed to get back in your skinny jeans. And if in the unlikely event that you’re not – you get 100% of every cent back PLUS I’ll even train you for free until you are happy.

That is how confident I am that this system works – when you follow it.

To get started – simply call or text me 0415 843 675 or email daniel@dpmperformance.com.au.

If you mention the codeword ‘headlights’ I’ll even throw in a $50 Visa Debit Card as a welcome bonus.

But act quick – this is only for the first 3 people or until the end of the month – August 31 – whichever comes first.

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