Easiest Way To Start Eating Clean

Wash your food.

Bad Dad joke there.


I’ll see myself out.

Now your finished shaking your head we can talk serious.

The biggest thing I hear all the time is

“It’s all too hard”

when it comes down to eating right and eating ‘clean’ so to speak.


I’ll tell you what’s hard.

Your kids not having you around for their birthdays and Christmas time.

That’s farking hard.

But before I get sidetracked, I came across an article yesterday that came up with a great solution.

And it’s pretty easy too.

Best part is it kinda follows what I write about here all the time:

Just start small – do something.

Research from the University of Florida found that just eating a hand full of almonds helps.

Do that each day.

Yep that’s it.

It’s a small change that the researchers speculate happened because the families swapped salty and sugary snacks for almonds.

Not rocket science right?

But it worked.

Just like starting with DPM, you start off doing something small.

Easing your way in so you don’t end up broken and on the physios table after your first week.

You start small.

You gradually increase as your body starts to feel better.

It starts to get used to moving again.

It even starts to become enjoyable.

Cause you know that you don’t have to follow that ‘train until you spew’ mentality like those muppets that wear camo and blow whistles in your face tend to have.

Then just like those people in the study with their almonds,
you’ll be motivated to maybe make a few more little adjustments too.

And it all steam rolls from there.

Want a piece of that?

Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to see what we can do for you.




PS – go here now – it’ll take you 2 mins to fill it out and then go grab yourself a handful of almonds



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