Fantastic In 5 – New Transformation Contest!

It has been a while between drinks since we had a Transformation Contest here at Team DPM so I figured with the back to back Easter and Anzac Day long weekends there would be a bit of interest for one to kick off not long after.

I already have 7 people on the pre-register to get the inside mail on how to kick start their transformations.

Start date is Monday May 5.

Investment is $47.

And yes, you can either do this just at our DPM sessions – or via the online version – where you get the workout to follow (or a combination of both).

So there are no excuses if you are not located in Sydney or cannot make my session times.


The Fantastic in 5 Transformation Contest goes for 5 weeks as the name suggests (instead of the usual 4 weeks that my previous ones have gone for).

The protocol will be different to the previous ones – so you don’t have to eat turkey or chicken for breakfast if the thought of that turns your stomach.

And you don’t have to commit to hours of exercise each week – 3 workouts per week is all you need – and they are going to be 30 minutes approx in length.

So if you can give me 90 minutes per week for 5 weeks I’ll trade you for a new body.

How does that sound?

If you are interested – secure your spot by emailing me

Let’s get the show on the road!

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