Fat People Lazy?

You may have seen this in the media recently?

Where Katie Hopkins, who I’d never heard of before – but is apparently a big mouth Big Brother contestant in the UK that likes seeking attention (aren’t they all?) – according to an English client – has come out and said that fat people are lazy.

What do you think?

Well you’re not going to accuse her of getting splinters in her arse for sitting on the fence are you?

Obviously, with comments like that she’s not exactly going to be on everyones Christmas card list.

But does she have a point?

My thoughts you ask?

Maybe back in the day I would’ve said yes.

But I know that a lot of factors come into someone stacking on the kgs.

– Stresses at home/work

– medical conditions

– diet of course – or rather a lack of one

– still eating like the active 21 year old we think we are in our head when our reality says we’re a lot older than that and a lot less active then we were then

– too much booze

Of course we could go on all day, but they’re probably the most common reasons. Except one which I”ll go into in a sec.

Don’t take them as excuses.

Just take it as seeing there’s more to the point of just flat out calling someone lazy without knowing a situation behind it.

The biggest reason now I believe is a lack of education.

Not with just the lower socio-economic bracket – I mean everyone across the board.

Lack of education in what actually should go on our plates.

Maybe I’m a little naive, but I really believe that most people (there are always going to be exceptions to the rule) don’t want to be fat or obese or carrying a bit of extra baggage or whatever you want to call it.

Just look at any gym now – it’s going to be packed. Maybe not as much in a few months.

It’s not that they’re lazy.

Rather we’ve been told our whole life that a certain way of eating is the way to go (you know, that food pyramid rubbish that I discussed yesterday).

So, like me, and no doubt like you, we grew up eating weetbix and special k for breakfast thinking that it was healthy.

Then having some toast and a glass of orange juice to wash it down.

Followed by a sandwich at lunch.

Then more carbs for dinner.

Guilty as charged.

We all did it.

Until we discovered there may be a better way to do things.

So really, I think that people just need to be educated more on what they should be doing.

Rather than coming up with ‘they’re all lazy’ excuse just to get a headline in the news.

That doesn’t help anyone.

What’s your 2 cents?



PS – that interview with Katie Hopkins was on Sunrise last week, here’s the link

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