Feel Like Giving Up?

Ever get that feeling when it all seems a bit too much?

You know just one of those days?

When you’re wondering what on earth did you get yourself into?

Maybe it’s your job.

Maybe it’s that realisation when you stare in the mirror and it suddenly hits you that you’re not 21 anymore and you’ve got more flabby bits than you ever imagined you could have.

Maybe it’s that go-to pair of jeans that just doesn’t fit anymore.

I know how you feel.

It’s scary.

The other day I was thinking about the first time I went to work overseas.

I’d got my mate to hook me up with a job as a camp counsellor in the States.

He’d done it for the past two summers and as soon as I’d finished Uni I told him to hook me up.

I was 21 – my first trip overseas when it was just me.

My mate wasn’t getting there until a few days after I did.

My first day at the camp in the middle of nowhere in the top corner of Alabama I was scared.

Wondering what the hell have i got myself into.

?I was just a kid.

Didn’t know anymore.

In a strange country stuck literally in the middle of nowhere.

Well at the top of a mountain with the nearest town a 20 minute drive away where the only thing to do was either go to Walmart or the movies.

Dry counties sucked!

But anyways, I was having regrets.

Lonely. Apprehensive.

But you know what?

I stuck it out.

Sure, it helped that my mate got there a few days later.

But it took me out of my comfort zone that’s for sure.

Ended up sticking it out, actually loved the experience and ended up going back for another two summers after that.

This trip down memory lane kinda reminds me how you might be feeling now.

Regarding that feeling I mentioned earlier.

When you know you need to do something about that situation you’re in now.



Clothes don’t fit.

No energy.


But also scared.

Scared of the situation that you ended up in.

But also scared of what needs to be done to change it.

You’re nervous when you pluck up the courage to start.

I get it.

But stick it out.

Hang in there.

It gets better.

Just like my summer camp experience.

You start to feel better.

You start to notice that little bit more energy each day.

You start to find things a little easier during each workout.

You can even move a better the next day then after those first couple of workouts!

That soreness is nowhere what you expected.

Aren’t those jeans feeling a little bit easier to slip on now?

Your friends are starting to notice how you’re face is looking slimmer.

Your confidence seems to be returning.

Even your partner starts paying you more attention again.


?It’s happening!

You’re doing it!

Take that first step.

It’s worth it.

And that first step is filling in these couple of questions and getting your DPM journey started today.

I have a CBD lunch time personal training position available for you.

Click the link here, fill in the questions and I”ll be in touch on Monday to plan the next steps.



PS – prefer mornings? Reply back and I’ll give you the morning group


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