Genetic Freaks Excluded

There’s a thing that’s always bugged me when it comes to fitness people.

Well many things, but I ain’t here to bitch all day.

Just to set a few home truths so you know what’s going on.

Have you ever noticed how the ‘crop top/bikini model’ fitness women only ever seem to use the one profile shot?

Maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you have.

Either way, there seems to be one profile shot that always gets used when they’re really ripped.

Sure, some people were ahead of you and me in the gene pool line and are just to quote a Zoolander-ism are ‘ridiculously good looking’.

I must’ve been busy mucking around or something at the time because I totally missed that line…

So those are the select few that are always going to look amazing no matter what they do.

Destroy a cheesecake and half a dozen wines and a few other meals above our usual cheat quota on a crazy weekend? No dramas.

They look better.

You and me? You know where that goes.

Straight to the belly, hips and thighs. The trifecta.

And sure, there are some who have absolutely no life and live to train and diet religiously and never slip up and have a drink or a cheesecake. Boring.

Figure you’d rather enjoy yourself a little?

Me too.

But here’s the deal.

For most of them – genetic freaks and those with no life excluded – they don’t look like that year round.

Sometimes they’ve even had to live on lettuce and a jockey-like diet to get that way for a shoot or contest.

That’s a massive thing to discover in case you’re thinking they did and you were one of those who were resigned to struggling with those 5-10kgs that you’re dying to drop.

The big take home point is don’t compare yourself to those people.

Like the photoshopped model you see in the magazine, who doesn’t look like that in real life this isn’t the everyday picture.

Some of us ‘fitness people’ are just like you.

We have the same struggles.

We aren’t superhuman.

We do put weight on at times throughout the year.

We don’t exactly all love working out.

Rather, what it gives us.

Basically, I don’t want to die young like my Dad.

The older I get the more that hits home.

Plus I want to see Emily grow up.

Miss out on her massive life events – for whatever path she decides to go down? Forget that.

Rather put in a little bit of work now for the pay off later.

Sound like you?

Even if you don’t have a child, I’m sure there’s something or someone who you want to be around with that little bit longer.

So the key I figure is to put in the work now so when the time comes to enjoy a few drinks and a nice meal there’s no guilt.

We know when planned it can actually complement where we want to go.

Just a little bit of “it’s not you – it’s them” for you on a Tuesday arvo.



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