Good Old Dollar Drinks

Reckon I need all the help I can get…

And apparently this can help you get smarter.

Maybe it’s something I need.

What with all the head knocks I copped back in the day I hope I’m not looking at some NFL syndrome type of old age.

Like that Will Smith movie.

Plus the amount of brain cells that I must’ve killed off back in the day getting on the cans pretty hard 3 nights a week or whatever it was.

Good old $1 drinks.

Remember them?

Ahhh the good old days at the Daily Planet.

Surely I’m not the only one that overindulged that much back in the day.

But according to more and more research that keeps coming out exercise can in fact help make you smarter.

So, while it’s awesome to drop the kgs and fit back into your old clothes and all that physical stuff

one of the most important benefits is something we can’t even see.

The mental benefit.

So for someone like me this can help.

We know that research has always shown that it’s the best anti-depressant,

but actually making us smarter too – 

well that’s pretty cool don’t you think?

Good to know we’re on to a winner right?

Apart from everything else that it gives us.

Come join me as part of Team DPM and lets get on track together.

I’m accepting new clients for the following morning sessions

** Mon/Wed @ Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am

** Tues/Fri @ Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am (blokes only)

**Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

** Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am

More info here

See you soon,



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