Got One Of These?

What would you say the must have piece of equipment is?

Whether you train at home or in a gym?

The answers the same.

And even if you’re not currently training the answer still is the same.

Cause chances are you’re sitting at a desk right now – or on public transport, or on your lounge.

Possibly one of the best tools that anyone who works out or sits at a desk needs is a foam roller.

Scratch that, it is the best tool.

You need one,

There’s not many other things that have multiple uses when it comes to exercise.

You can use the rollers as part of your workout – just like we do at DPM to increase the intensity of certain exercises – not just ab exercises either.

You can use them as a pre-hab/re-hab tool

You can use them as a way to self massage if you’ve got any niggles and keeps you in check until your next massage.

Truth be told if you’ve got a body anywhere near like mine (one that feels like a 70 year old with all the old footy injuries) you must have one.

And you should be using it everyday.

And I’ll admit I don’t make enough time for it.

But it’s something that I really need to make time for each day.

Cause I pay for it when I don’t.

Now you’re probably expecting me to pitch you on buy from this link here but I’m not.

I don’t really care about making a couple of dollars from an affiliate sale like most people try and push you to do in the fitness industry.

I just really think you need one of these in your home.

Use it in front of the tv at the end of a day.

Or before or after a workout.

Whatever you do just make sure you get one.

So where can you get one if you don’t have one?

Easiest way is to go into Rebel and grab one.

Other than that go online and order.

If you’ve got back issues I’d suggest going the long roller so you can lay longwise – down the length of your spine – it’ll help big time.

You can thank me later.



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