How to Choose the Right Sydney Boot Camp For You

This is the time of year when the parks start getting busier with people training either in groups or individually.

It’s easy to see why with Christmas only around the corner and the party season already starting to kick into gear people want to make sure they are looking their best.

And not to mention how awesome the weather in Sydney is at this time of year – why wouldn’t you want to be out in the great outdoors?!

And if you are looking for a local boot camp to join this all brings up a bunch of questions that I’ll address here to try and help you make the most educated decision on who to choose.

Now, I’m not naive enough to think that my Sydney Boot Camp sessions are for everyone – I know that. And I specifically target my sessions towards a certain type of people. So don’t just expect this to be a post screaming choose me! choose me!

1) Pick a location that is convenient for you. It has to be easily accessible. While you may have the best interests at heart initially you may not want to drive half way across town in peak hour traffic to attend a session.

So try and find one near your work. City workers are covered pretty well here as you can find stuff at Observatory Hill, Dawes Point and Prince Alfred Park (where I hold my sessions) as well as in the Domain and Hyde Park.

2) Make sure your personal trainer has adequate experience and insurance. Sure you can find certain boot camps that are located all over Sydney but the ‘head trainer’ and face of the business only usually trains in one location.

That means the quality of the other trainers is not always high. It is usually a new graduate from a certification course. I take pride in the fact that all of my boot camp sessions are run by me and me only. I don’t compromise the quality of the DPM sessions by having inferior trainers with minimal experience and definitely no track record (ie proof – that their system works via transformations)

3) Ensure you find a trainer who looks professionally dressed and not just someone who has looked like they have come from a beach wearing thongs and a singlet. Don’t laugh you’d be surprised the amount of times I’ve seen this at parks around Sydney!

4) Remember the old addage of you get what you pay for. The cheapest in town is definitely not the best in town.

5) If you like the military boot camp style of sessions where you get yelled at and pushed to you throw up there are sessions like that for you. Definitely not my style of training. I definitely do not do that and the people that like that don’t last past an initial workout if they even make it that far.

6) Decide what type of workout style works for you. Some trainers just do boxing, while others like me, combine it as part of other exercises like bodyweight training (which I am a massive believer and fan of, kettlebell training (which is becoming more and more popular these days) to resistance tubes which are great too.

If you like a mixture of workouts, all scientifically based to get the biggest bang for your fat loss buck then my sessions would appeal. If you’d rather just one type of training there are places who will accommodate that. You can even find an outdoor group who just do yoga.

7) The final thing I’ll cover is you must select a training group that is prepared to back their training with at least a money back guarantee. Surprisingly, most trainers don’t offer this which surprises me (according to a quick google search).

All of my sessions are backed by the “DPM Better Than Money Back Guarantee”

which states that in the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied with your training and the results you’re getting after only 1 month then I will refund every single last cent that you have paid me plus I’ll train you for free until you are happy.

No ifs or buts, if you’re not happy than neither am I so you’ll get every cent back just for giving my sessions an honest go and following my nutrition advice.

So make sure your trainer to be at least offers a guarantee that if you don’t get results you don’t pay. Surely that’s fair. You wouldn’t keep on going back to a restaurant if the food was always cold or bland. So the same applies here. If you’re trainer doesn’t deliver then call them on it.

The big take home thing is to find something that works for you.

Choose something that will get you results.

And if you want to give the DPM sessions a red hot go if you email me – indicating your desire to join Team DPM and if you take action before December 31 2012 I will also shout you a $50 Rebel Gift Card as a thank you and welcome aboard present! Does that sound fair enough


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