I Know When That Hotline Bling…

It can only mean one thing

Well maybe for Drake it only means one thing.

But for me those ‘you used to call me on my cell phone’ days are long gone.

If there ever was a day to start with…

Anyways, apart from having you sing cool Drake rhymes in your brain to start your day there is a real reason for this.

Cause I know when my hotline bling it can only mean two things.

1) Some bloody telemarketer trying to sell me crap I have no interest in

or the more likely scenario

2) Someone who has started to see cellulite where there wasn’t any before

Or someone who is fed up with the flab that hangs over their tummy like a muffin in the window at muffin break.

Or maybe someone who is embarrassed they’ve let themselves get like this cause it isn’t them.

Or even someone who is kinda scared about doing something cause they’ve heard that people like me love to flog people and make them spew while getting yelled at.

Cause seriously that ain’t fun.

I hate those muppets that do that.

But more importantly this person is someone who is ready to do something about it.

Is that you?

Time to get the hotline bling thing happening.

Click here and answer these couple of questions and we can have a chat to see what we can work out for you.


I have 2 timeslots available:

Wednesday and Friday lunch time – 12:15pm

Wednesday morning 7:15am

You only need 30 minutes to get things moving in the right direction.


PS – promise I won’t sing any Drake to you but I will help you shrink that muffin top, get rid of that cellulite and start feeling better about yourself.



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