I Wanna Shout You 2 Pineapples

No not the fruit.

I figure you can grab one or two of them at your convenience.

Even though they taste pretty damn good this time of year.

I want to give you two nice pineapples that can actually be used for something that you want.

I’m talking $100.

Or 2 x $50 hence the pineapple reference.


All you have to do is introduce one of your mates to Team DPM anytime from now until the end of Feb.

You get the $100 cash – paid into your bank account or paypal account – whatever you choose.

PLUS you get the usual free month rebate for introducing a new client to Team DPM.


So basically I’m losing money up front here but I’m cool with that cause I know once they’re in they’ll be more than satisfied and stay for as long as you have.

And if you’re only new on the scene, there’s a bunch of people who’ve been around since basically day dot.

– Like Sharon who I’ve been training since I was still working in the AMP gym over 10 years ago.

– Mel and Megan who’ve been coming to the Saturday group since before it was a group (used to be a private session back in the day).

– Dan who’s been training since 2006

РRob, Dave and Eris who got the now Lilyfield group happening back in Dec 2006 

– Sue who used to ‘love’ training in front of the Japanese tour groups since around the same time¬†

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once people join they find a place that works for them.

There’s no egos.

There’s no drill sergeant.

They keep coming cause it’s fun for them.

If training can ever be fun.

It can be a social thing too.

They brought friends along and it can continue with you.

And to ensure that your mate doesn’t miss out on the party too I’ll give them 2 pineapples as well as a special ‘Welcome to DPM’ present.

NOTE if they only join once a week they’ll only get 1 pineapple ($50) – you still get the $100 though.

Got someone who may be interested?

Invite em along next week to check it out – just let me know in advance to expect them.

And if they’re wondering about what the deal is or how much etc they can check it out here:


Thank you for spreading the word and I look forward to welcoming your mate into Team DPM as well as shouting you a couple of pineapples each!

If you or them have any questions just hit reply or get them to email me.

Thank you and I look forward to putting cash in your bank account soon!

** There are no conditions except for the once a week $50 gift for your mate**

– IE you bring 3 friends you get $300 and they get $100 each. Make sense?



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