If I Cover My Eyes It’ll Go Away

That’s how that works isn’t it?

Doing the old ozzie ostrich and sticking your head in the sand.

Pretending there isn’t a problem.

Pretending that we’re not really bothered that we’ve put on those couple of kilos of Christmas.

Cause there’s always someone who’s put on more right?

But the real truth is we can’t avoid things forever.

If I don’t do the washing at home it ain’t gonna do itself.

Same goes for the ironing.

That shit just piles up if you let it slip for a while.

Same with the weight.

We can continue to eat for Australia and drink like it’s still New Years Eve but the reality is that’s done and dusted for another year.

Thank god for that I’m thinking.

Cause like I said the other day I did more than my fair share of both.

And got the extra kilos to prove it.

But yesterday crossed off day 2 of the detox plan.

I’m still on track.

One day at a time.

Had a small win last night when I didn’t eat the wraps with the awesome slow-cooked pulled pork we had for dinner.

(I’ll put the recipe Bron used on the DPM Facebook inner circle page to share with you it was that good)

Look, just because we cover our eyes it doesn’t mean that nagging problem doesn’t go away.

The clothes are still tighter.

The energy still sucks and is at rock bottom.

I want to help you confront it.

And the DPM 5 Week Accelerate 2016 is how we’re going to do it.

By now you know what its about.

If you missed the last couple of emails reply back and I’ll fill you in.

It’s like the old transformation contests we used to run.

The ones that kicked arse.

But this one goes up a notch with accountability and with a more user friendly detox diet.


Get the head start and start kissing those kgs goodbye by clicking the link below and investing $97 in the solution that you know will get you back on track

Click the link HERE and get started NOW

See you soon


PS – but please don’t join me if you’re one of those who just talk about what they’re going to do. You actually gotta do the work to see the results remember…

PPS – official start date is Monday but you get a head start when you join me NOW

Click the link HERE and get started NOW

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