“I’m not working with you cause you’re young and hot!”

Not good for the ego that’s for sure.

Gotta love the brutal honesty of the DPMers.

Not that I was under any illusion that I was an oil painting though.

Or fishing for a compliment.

But, was having a light hearted conversation yesterday and was told something along the lines of

“I’m not working with you cause you’re young and hot!”

I took it as it was intended.

As a piss take.

Cause that’s what happen here at DPM.

I take the piss out of myself as much as gets taken out of me.

And sometimes as you get taken out of you.

Especially cause I can’t rely on being a young 21 year old bloke with
awesome mirror muscles and chicken legs,
or as Derek Zoolander would say “Ridiculously good looking”.

Luckily for me though I make up for it in other areas.

Unlike some others though,

I actually know what works to get your tummy fat and flabby arms and chunky legs smaller.
And that’s why the DPM formula is a winner.

I get that you don’t have all the time in the world so you need something that works in less time.
I get you don’t exactly love working out anymore.

So understand you’d rather be elsewhere,

but the situation you’ve got yourself in doesn’t make that a reality.

(I don’t love it either to be honest these days – I just do it so I don’t get fat)

And cause I know that,

I know how to make things work for you.

So if you’re not looking to train with the hot young bloke with his shirt off,

too busy flexing his guns to worry about what you really want,

and what works you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for someone that can guarantee you the result that you’re looking for

– providing you’re willing to do your fair share of the work –

come join me as part of Team DPM

I’m accepting new clients for the following morning sessions

** Mon/Wed @ Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am

** Tues/Fri @ Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am (blokes only)

**Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

** Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am

More info here


Just be prepared to have a laugh at your expense and mine.


PS – If you’ve got no sense of humour you definitely wouldn’t fit in – try crossfit instead…
But if that’s not you go here now and I’ll see you soon



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