Is This You?

* 5-10 kg overweight

* Used to be fit but not so much now

* used to eat healthy but got caught up in the corporate treadmill and working long hours – trying to please those who don’t even acknowledge you exist

* you currently feel like shit. Tired. No energy.

* You’re sick of the tummy that never used to be there

* The arms that are starting to look well past their best

* Haven’t trained for a while now. What’s it been? 6-12 months?

* I know how you feel – you’re not happy at yourself for letting things get to where they are now

 – in fact you’re pretty pissed off at the situation.

* But you’ve still got those old clothes hiding away at the back of your wardrobe that you’d die to wear again 

* You’re low on confidence with how you look and feels now

* But here’s the thing, you know exactly what to do getting started is always the hardest thing.

* You just need that accountability of just turning up and not having to think about what you need to do

* You love the social side of training with others who get you and don’t mind a laugh too
* You may even be embarrassed to undress in front of your partner 


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So here’s the thing.

There is an answer.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Sure it ain’t all rainbows and butterflies but there’s a better choice.

Just start.

Take the plunge.

Bring up all those feelings and think of the exact opposite feeling and how that would make you feel.

And yes, you can do this while still enjoying a glass of wine or 3!

want to change all of those feelings?

Answer the couple of questions on this NEW LOOK form that i’ve made easier for you to tell me what you want.


It’ll take you 2 minutes.

And this 2 minutes could be your best investment this year.

Back yourself.


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