It’s Time For A Gym Amnesty

I read with interest today in the Public Defender section of the Daily Telegraph the article that you can see in the picture below or half way down the page here.

The article as you can see is something that doesn’t come as a surprise to me – but ‘Gym Complaints Raise Blood Pressure’ – basically stating that complaints against gyms are at a 3 year high.

Anyone who has been a part of Team DPM would know that I am not a fan of gyms. Basically once you’ve signed up and signed your life away to all their terms and conditions you are forgotten about. Onto the next one.

So the fact that people are complaining in increasing numbers is not ground breaking news to me.

I mean, with joining fees, admin fees – like what on earth is a bloody joining fee for – to pay for the privilege of joining their facility – on top of your membership fees? No thanks. It takes the reception staff 2 minutes to type your name and details into their computer.

The other thing that gets me offside with gyms is they are set up for you to fail – they focus on classes that cram as many people in with no regard to your form or safety during a ‘pump’ class. And don’t get me started on gym machines. Most of them are a waste of space.

For people looking to lose weight, the last thing they should be doing is focusing on machines that target an individual body part.

Sure, gyms have their place – for people who know what they are doing and want to workout by themselves. But as a whole – they fail big time in giving people what they actually sign up for.

So I’ve had enough of people getting ripped off from the industry that is my profession and decided to do something about it.


The DPM Gym Amnesty

So, if you have been a victim of gyms that have ripped you off – and made you sign your life away I have a solution to ‘make good’ with the industry and actually give you what you signed up for – results and personalised service.

All you have to do is present to me your gym membership card, or keyring, or whatever they give you these days, and I will give you a full month on the house at ANY DPM session.

You can actually get training that is targeted towards helping you get back in those skinny jeans.

No treadmills – or long, boring runs.

No machines.

Just exercises that get your heart rate up and burn more calories in only 30 minutes than you’d do in a  gym session that lasts twice as long because we only use exercises that give you the biggest bang for your calorie burning buck.

And that’s not to count the calories that you’ll burn after the session.

And if you are a current DPMer – I’m going to shout you 2 PT sessions on the house  – just email me to hook it up (note: you don’t have to be a gym member to claim it – just email me and we can tee it up. Limited times only though).

To claim your FREE Month simply put your details in the box below and I’ll be in touch to make things right again



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