I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

Takes a big person to admit when they’ve been doing it wrong.

Or so they say.

I just say it’s admitting that you’re not that great oracle that Nero (or whatever his name was) searched for in the Matrix.

Eitherways, there’s something that grabbed my attention last week and it was one of those slap yourself in the head moments cause it is so simple.

You see, the thing that drives my business the most is referrals.

From people who are wrapt with what they get out of their DPM experience.

So they tell their friends and their friend gets to experience the same results as them.

And they love it.

It’s the best way for me cause someone has heard from someone they trust what I can do rather than me just brag about how good I am.

But this little insight made so much sense yet seemed so simple.

My mentor (yes I invest in myself too!) shared this and today I want to ask a favour please.


Why should I expect you to invest in me, and what I do, if I’m not prepared to invest in someone who can help me get to where I want to go – and reach more people with DPM?

Makes sense right?

So yeah, I practice what I preach.

I invest in someone who can help me get my business to where I want it to be.

Just like I’d strongly encourage you to do the same with me and invest in a solution that can help you get rid of that flabby tummy and saggy arms.

So rather than just ask you to pass my details onto your friends (like I used to) all I ask is for you to pass on this link to them:


That way, they can join this little daily burst of action points that will help them to see what I am like.

It’ll help gain their trust like I have hopefully done with you.

It’ll help them realise that I’m not like every other PT muppet that struts around with their shirt off and tells everyone they have to eat Tuna and lettuce all the time.
?Cause just like you, I have plenty of vices of my own that I freely admit too (namely rum, red wine and any slice my wife makes)

And when the time is right for them to take action on getting those inches down from the tummy and that toned guess who they’ll turn to?


So I’d appreciate if for today, if you’ve ever benefited from anything that I’ve shared with you over the years, if you can send this email onto your friend/s and strongly encourage them to come on board.


Promise I don’t bite.



PS – Fridays message hit the spot with those who realised they weren’t a good fit unsubscribing so that’s why I’m sending this message today to the smart ones like you who are still left!

If you’re keen to get more accurate and biased (cause I know what works!) action points that separate fact from fiction – and what actually work in the real world – turn your email inbox into your number one skinny jeans shapeup & toning resource with the DPM Skinny Jeans Inside Mail

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