Just To Spite Her

If you were playing along yesterday you’d remember with what our nutritionist ‘friend’ wrote.

Bagging the fats in healthy foods.

But encouraging people to go and eat something like crackers and other processed grain based food.

Cause after all, it’s better to eat something that’s been processed and made by man (or woman) right?

Instead of eating something that is a natural product that grew on a tree.

Of course it is…

I guess I must’ve grew up in an area where the cracker tree didn’t grow…

It must’ve been next to that money tree I kept on hearing my parents tell me about!

“You must think money grows on trees”

Now I know what they were talking about.


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Anyways, after I sent this message to you yesterday, coincidently I came across this article that you’ll love.

3 Reasons To Add Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

And I Just knew I had to share it with you cause you might like it too.

Click here to read it yourself.

But in a nutshell (no pun intended) it just sums up what DPMers have known for years.

* That coconut oil increases your energy

* Speeds up your metabolism 

* And boosts your immune system

And I’ll add a fourth for good measure.

It tastes pretty awesome in your long black or espresso too.

So yes, it does help you lose weight and not all the bad stuff like our friend Susie reckons.

Want to leave behind the crap nutrition advice that people like her spread?

Join Team DPM for the real story.

Where fat ISN’T your enemy.

Fat is your friend.


Click the link below and join me now to get the 3 Day Detox Diet (coconut and nut friendly)


Make mine a double!




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