Kate Hudson’s Hot Body Secret

What do you think of Kate Hudson? Fan or not?

Either way, she’s shared the secret that she’s used to get/keep her hot bod.

Found it online this morning and thought you might be keen to discover what Kate does instead of thinking she just sits around all day, eats what she wants and still looks hot.

The insights are nothing earth shattering, and unlike other celebrities who are off with the pixies she seems to have her head on right if this is any means to go by.

Her big ‘secret’ is that ‘you have just got to work your arse off’.

To quote:

“I wouldn’t say [I work out] a lot, just consistently”, she said. “People think for some reason you have to work out for two-and-a-half hours…but, it can be little. It can be 20 minutes, it can be 40 minutes, but you have to [get it in].”

Very refreshing don’t you think?

Absolutely 100% on the money = it can be little … ’20 minutes … but you have to get in’.

Love it.

Not overcomplicating things.

Not pretending that we’ve all got time to work out 2 hours a day.

Not pretending that it is all down to good genes.

So the real secret is there is no secret – and no magic pill like some of the other Hollywood muppets will try and tell you.

You’ve just, In the words of Kate, gotta work your arse off.

That’s the challenge moving forward – from now until the year end. Just get in and get it done and work.

Short and sweet is better than nothing.

In fact, I’d even argue that it is better.


Because, if time is a premium, it just means you can’t take it easy.

You just go bam-bam-bam. Done.

Pick high intensity exercises that work a number of muscles in one go. Add variations if the usual bodyweight version of something is easy.

There’s always an answer.



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