Kitchen Clean Up

So the chances are at some time or another if you are a DPMer who is looking to make a change and get back in your skinny jeans then you are going to need to get on track with either my 3 Day Detox Diet or the Eat Clean: Stay Lean Transformation Guide.

And if you are like me, then there are a few things that will need to be cleaned up in your eating plan.

Now, despite what you may think about me – because of my profession – I actually DO love a drink and eating crap. Not just once in a blue moon but on a regular basis.

In fact, I reckon if I didn’t exercise I would no doubt be overweight. And not just carry a couple of extra kgs, there would probably be a ton of extra baggage.

I remember after my first trip to The States – where I worked for 3 months back when I was 21 – I put on 10kg in only 3 months. Yep, that was a big turning point for me. I realised that this was the turning point for me. I could go one of 2 ways, either keep on eating and drinking crap and getting bigger and bigger – or I could do something about it. Obviously you know what route I chose.

But back on track now, when it comes to when I want to clean things up and break the habit of eating crap which happens every now and then there’s a few steps that I need to take. And these steps may help you.

Basically, we need a kitchen clean out to start. Or pantry clean out to be more accurate.

The first thing that has to go for me is soft drinks.

I have a weak spot for Coke. I don’t know why but I really like it. Especially when it’s mixed with rum! So that’s the first thing to go. And whenever something has to go you need a substitute.

So rather than go completely off the drink I just cut down. And aim for 5-6 days alcohol free per week instead of 3-4.

And the substitute for my Coke is soda water. If I still feel like a drink I’ll have a rum, lime and soda or a glass of red.

So that gets soft drink out of my diet.

Next step is what’s in the pantry. Now we have a pretty clean pantry as a rule so there isn’t too much that needs to be changed there.

I would just stop buying a pack of chips to have when watching the footy – which I may do every couple of weeks or so. The substitute for that would either be to have nothing when watching the footy or go the nuts option. Salted nuts may not be the perfect option but the key rule here to remember is to go the lesser evil – they are definitely going to be better than a pack of chips. Or I may go the whole way and just eat plain unsalted nuts.

If you tend to have more rubbish in your pantry – like biscuits, cookies or whatever than that stuff has to go.

Give them to a friend or throw them out. Don’t kid yourself. If your willpower is like mine can be sometimes you’ll say “I’m staying off XXX this week” but then go to it in a moment of weakness. Yes I’m human too!

My tip is to keep your pantry as clean as possible so you are not tempted by evil after a tough and stressful day and to save your cheat meals for either a drink on a weekend or for when you go out for dinner.

That also means having minimal carbs in the house. For best results, the DPMers usually tend to follow a eating plan that reduces carbs – carb cycling – for great results.

And if you don’t have that stuff in the home you won’t be tempted.

My other big tip is you need to plan ahead what you are going to eat before you shop. Rather than just buy random stuff have a game plan – it’ll be more cost effective too.

And when you have extra time – like if you get home earlier on a particular day or on a weekend take time and cook up a bunch of meals in bulk that can be easily heated when you get home ┬áso you don’t have to cook when you can’t be bothered. That is key. And make bigger amounts so you have left overs the next day or night. That way your lunch is sorted and you can eat that at work so you don’t have to eat whatever crap they sell in the food court.

And if you don’t have a fridge at work that’s no excuse. Neither do I. I take an esky to work with me packed with a couple of ice bricks and the food I have to eat on that day. It keeps it cold and keeps me from eating crap when I’m out.

My final tip for your kitchen clean up is to get rid of the takeaway menus that are hanging off the fridge. If something is within eyesight you are more likely to be tempted into something.

It always comes back down to prior preparation.

And remember = things don’t have to be perfect – you just need to choose the lesser evil.

If you do that over the course of a month things will definitely be looking on the up for you!

See how that goes

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