Launching Project X

The traditional DPM 4 Week Express Transformation Contest that I run once a quarter has been given a bit of a spit and polish.

I’ve fine tuned the program.

I’ve even road tested it myself and was left pretty impressed by my results – even after having a couple of drinks the night before my measure in!

And even after looking back at what improvements I could’ve made.

And because it is totally different to the old model I have given it a new name:

So here’s where you can get in on the ground floor.

But first let me ask you something.

The main difference between people who get outstanding results and average or no results is the ability to take action, even when conditions are not perfect.

Ask yourself right now, and be brutal with the truth:

Do you have challenges, problems and obstacles in your life due to the fact you procrastinate on taking the right actions?

Do you allow circumstances to best you?

How many good opportunities to transform your body have you let slip?

Or maybe you’ve enjoyed the good food and wine a bit too much since your last transformation contest?

Will you admit to yourself that you could move forward to ultimate success that you know you want – and deserve – but instead allow life to side-track you?

Let’s get honest and admit we could all be more strict with our food habits. Me too. That’s why I wanted to road test this ‘Project X’ first. To give myself a kick up the backside.

And it worked.

As you can see below:

To be a real DPM Success Story one of the first things you must do is get real and get out of denial that ‘things are working fine’.

That’s what I did.

And as you saw my results were impressive for 4 weeks.

And did you know that most of my workouts were only 10-20 minutes in length? And I even gained muscle mass?!

(NOTE: women this won’t happen to you – you could shrink even more than I did when you follow my lessons learned that I have marked for you in my own food diaries that you’ll receive)

You can replace everything except time.

Remember this: We all have productive habits but we all have self-sabotaging habits like too much time in front of the tv, too many take outs, hitting the snooze button again and again.

Whatever yours is it doesn’t matter.

Let me give you a big secret: first admitting that you have the problem or you are in need of breaking the cycle is part of the solution.

And your solution is PROJECT X.

Launch Date is Monday May 20.

So don’t delay.

Click here to sign up and transform your life

Don’t be left saying what if.




Oh yeah, there’s some cool prizes on there too that I

haven’t given away before…


Are you ready to take the next step


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