Lessons From A Meth Cook

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found a new must watch.

You’ll laugh when you find out what it is cause it isn’t exactly new but for one reason or another it just never got to the top of the priority list.

However when Bron mentioned it I thought we’d give it a go.

Breaking Bad.

Yes, yes, I know I’m about 8 years behind the rest of the world.

You rate it?

If you’re like me and didn’t know about it, I’m not exactly letting the cat out of the bag and spoiling the surprise by saying that the lead guy, Walter White, is an overqualified chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer.

Cut to the realisation that a teachers wage isn’t exactly going to look after his wife, teenage son (and a new unexpected bub on the way).

Something snaps inside him.

The emotions build up.

It all becomes too much.

And he realised that cooking meth probably wasn’t a bad way to financially look after his family when he’s gone.

Not the way I’d go about it but I don’t have a tv series to write.

But it got me thinking that while you don’t have to be diagnosed with terminal cancer for you to get a kick up the arse and do something different.

Nor do you have to cook meth and pedal that crap to make a change.

But the common thing is that at some time or another we reach that breaking point.

Where things have to change.

* It might be the realisation when you’re standing alone in front of the mirror when you hop out of the shower.

* It might be an offhanded comment from a friend who mentions that you’ve put on a few kgs

* It might be another bloody day at that job you hate

* It might be that realisation you get when you get a momentary flash back to back when things were different – the clothes fit – you felt confident – you felt sexy.

So the time is now to ask yourself.

Do you continue on that same path?

Or do you get that Mr White style kick up the arse and do something to change?

Please just don’t cook meth.

I also realise that the PT vacancy that I’ve been mentioning the last couple of days may not be for everyone.

But if you are CBD located and are interested in what I have on offer in the mornings the group sessions at Observatory Hill or Surry Hills might suit.

Click the link here and scroll half way down the page for the timetable

No spoilers please if you’ve seen more than half way through season 2!





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