Living On A Prayer Week

Welcome to Bon Jovi week aka Living on a Prayer week.


Well, we’re half way there just like Jon sings in that classic tune.

Half way to what?

Well, tomorrow is June 30 – and we’re half way through the year.


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Which brings me to this one big question:

Are you half way to what you said you’d achieve this year?

So, if you said way back on Jan 1 that you’re going to drop 10kg this year – are you 5kg down now?

If you said you’d drop 2 jeans sizes are you down 1 size?

The answer for each of those questions – or whatever goal you set yourself fix simple.

It’s a yes or no.

Not ‘I would’ve but..’, ‘I started, but…’

Get where I’m going?

You’ve either done the work of you haven’t.

Harsh maybe.

But truth.

If you’re not half way to where you want to be…

If you’re having troubles getting started…

Or if you just don’t know what to do…

There is a solution that will help you get there.

Introducing DPM Velocity

– DPM Velocity will take you step by step through the process over the next 90 days.

– Most importantly you’ll get the accountability and coaching support (from me) that you need to ensure that the next 90 days aren’t going to be a continuation of the last 180 days

– Yes, it’s the shortcut to the end result – halving the time it should take you to make it happen (hence the name Velocity)

Definition of Velocity: rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed

What is it?

– Limited to only 5 people, with this online coaching accountability accelerator, you’ll have each other (and me) to help motivate and encourage you on your dark days through the journey and celebrate the wins

– You’ll receive access to the DPM 90 day blueprint where we’re going to make whatever you want to achieve (that 10kg, 2 jeans sizes or whatever) achievable

– Daily steps and challenges to take to break down the seemingly impossible to something that is very doable and realistic

– Including the DPM 3 Day Detox Diet and Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook that I mentioned on Friday.

– The workouts that will help you get it done in the comfort of your own home

– And a private Facebook group for just the 5 Velocity members plus me – where we will post our daily challenges, accomplishments and encouragement for each other

How much would you expect a daily support coaching program to set you back?

Normally, when I do online coaching with a client, the investment is $197/mth for the daily support option.

But considering this is a small group program you’re investment for the 90 days won’t be $591 that it would normally be for 3 months of the same coaching.

Your investment is only $297 for the full 90 day program.

If this sounds like the kick up the arse that you need to get you through winter and emerging in Spring with your yearly goal already crossed off the doors are now open.

Go to the link here right now and get on board.

There is only going to be 5 people accepted.

That’s it.

That way I can fully devote my attention to you and what you want to achieve.

If that goal you set yourself way back in January is still eating away at you this is your vehicle to get you there.

It hasn’t happened yet, which would likely indicate you need that extra accountability to make it happen

Or you could just keep living on that prayer and pray that things magically change…


PS – here’s that link again for your $297 pathway to success –

PPS – but be quick – this is limited to only 5 people – if you’re number 6 your payment will be refunded


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