My Detox Fail

So yesterday was supposed to be day one of the detox for week 2.

Week 1 went great.

Enjoyed the cheats on the weekend and got back on track yesterday.

That was the plan.

Until I failed.

Cheated on day 1.

Without even realising it at the time until I’d already done it.

(that’s when you know the habits had been building up for a while)

Sound familiar?

Anyways, I was getting Emily a snack for afternoon tea yesterday – rice crackers and avocado dip.

And I helped myself to them like I often do.

Had about 4 or 5 of them then realised – holy shit I’m not supposed to have this as part of the detox.


But there’s a key lesson I took away.

And one which can help you too.

Well two key lessons.


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1) nobodies perfect – slip ups happen.

And often they happen unconsciously and you don’t even know you’re doing it until after its done.

It also shows you that I’m not some super human broccoli munching muppet like a lot of PTs claim to be.

Until you see them on a night out or their private Facebook pageĀ and realise the stuff they do (and take) actually makes your life look tame…

I’m just like you.

I love to eat and I really love to have a nice drink.

2) I thought well I can’t undo it. It’s done. Deal with it and move on.

Really a couple of rice crackers aren’t the end of the world.

Plenty of worse things I coulda done.

But as part of the 3 day detox – carb cycling thing – it wasn’t the original plan.

It just made me more focused to stay on track for the rest of the day.

And today too.

So there you go – I know you have these days too.

And I get that it sometimes happens even despite our best intentions.

And you may have experienced something similar even if you’re not following the DPM game plan.

Get back on track and learn from the lesson.

My lesson is to be more aware when I’m prepping food for Emily.

It wasn’t me who was hungry after all.

I just ate cause it was there.



PS – while our Accelerate 2016 program is closed now, if you missed the boat and are thinking that you need something to get you back on track, there is a real possibility of a lunch group being added to the timetable for 2016.

WHEN: Wednesday and Friday

WHERE: Observatory HillĀ 

TIME: 12:15-12:45pm

INVESTMENT: TBC depending on numbers – minimum 5 to go ahead

Interested? Reply back and tell me you’d be keen – and not just interested but ready to put skin in the game.

It’d start next week – Wednesday Jan 20

Just hit reply and we’ll see what we can do


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