My Website Sucks

Ask Bono what he believes and he’ll tell you “I, I believe in love” in God Part II (obscure U2 song reference by the way – great song too).

But what about you?

Anyways, I figure my website must suck because when looking at the visitors that have been on there in the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to get any of them to download the free blueprint that’s on there that shows them exactly what to do to get back in their skinny jeans.

So obviously I’m missing something.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on what I believe.

And what I can do to help someone – that prompted them to start looking for a solution and stumble across my page in the first place.

So I thought that I’d go into here a little bit further. Just in case you may be sitting on the fence and wondering whether exploring working together is a good option.

What Do I Believe?

First of all, I believe that no matter your start point, or how much damage you may have done to yourself and your body over the years – every single person can take a stand and start doing something positive for their body and for their health.

I believe that 53 is far too young to die from a heart attack. That is what happened to my Dad and that is why I started DPM Performance – to ensure that people don’t have to go down the same route that my family and I did.

And the family are the ones left to pick up the pieces when something like that happens. That is unfair and to be honest – it’s bullshit.

So I want to stop as many other families as possible from having to clean up the pieces when they lose a loved one without warning.

DPM Performance is all about creating solutions to your biggest problems. It is about helping the busy woman who just wants to get back in her skinny jeans and get healthy again.

It’s about helping those women who are sick and tired of feeling tired, unattractive, bloated and lacking energy.

It is about helping these women get healthy and live longer and feel in control of their life again.

It is about saying that no matter how bad your past was – you can change. And DPM Performance provides the positive environment to do that in.

If I can change from being a party animal who got on the cans 4 nights a week and stacked on the weight to now keeping more of a reign on things (and enjoying the drink without getting smashed each time) then anyone can.

You are never made to wear camo pants and yelled at like some other ‘boot camps’. I figure if you want that – you’ll go and join the army.

In fact, I’m even toying with the idea of canning the bootcamp name because of the bad connotations that it holds.

We have fun and have a joke where appropriate. We also work our backsides off.

You also have the support of the other members in the group. I only train people that I like and that are easy to get along with. That’s why you have to apply to join us.

This ensures an enjoyable experience for everyone. In fact many people have made solid friendships and even landed jobs with other group members.

And unlike other groups that seem to pop up overnight and disappear almost as fast, I have been running the show since October 2005 – coming up on 10 years (WOW that’s gone quick) – and have clocked up almost 15 years total in the fitness industry.

I realise that too many people have been put off by negative experiences from previous ‘personal trainer nightmares’ or gyms that promise the world but deliver nothing once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

That’s why DPM Performance provides the supportive environment that is essential to achieving results plus the accountability if you are not attending your usual sessions (yes I actually check in on you from time to time!).

But it’s definitely not for everyone.

Excuse makers need not apply.

Those looking to blame others for their situation. Same goes.

And those who take the first step but fail to pull the trigger. For whatever reason. You’re out.

You just wouldn’t fit in.

Does that sound fair enough?

If you are interested in seeing how we can work together I have an opening for 1-on-1 personal training. The catch is you must be prepared to join me in the Sydney CBD or I can come to you if you’re on the lower north shore or inner west.

If that sounds like you click here to answer these couple of questions and I’ll be in touch.



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