Need To Relax?

I secretly like this.

And now I have scientific proof that it’s a good thing.

Colouring in with Emily.

Yep, I kinda get disappointed when she turns the page on me when I’m half way through colouring in something in one of her books.

But keep that between you and me.

And the beauty is now I have a research backed reason to continue doing it.

A couple of Melbournian smart blokes have created adult colouring in books.

And they’re flying off the shelves around the world.

Pretty cool idea right?


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A psychologist/neuroscientist came up with the idea cause it’s proven to help people overcome anxiety, relax and meditate.

And cause most people find it pretty difficult to either meditate or do yoga (yep that’s me) they found this was a winner.

“Dr Rodski found that people rarely allow their brains to relax anymore due to social media and constant stimulation.

‘The brain is rarely allowed to drop down into alpha mode anymore, which is the kind of state your brain is in during deep relaxation or meditation,’ Dr Rodski said.

‘When we put the machines on people as they colour, we can see their brains go from beta mode, which is around 30 cycles per second, into alpha mode, which is between five and fifteen cycles per second’.”

Never mind the special adult books.

I’ll stick with the kids ones.

Or maybe that’s just me being simple!



PS – if you need to de-stress one of the best things you can do apart from colouring in, is to get that stress out with a workout. Boxing or even a circuit session will do the trick. The group sessions at Observatory Hill or Surry Hills might suit.

Reply back and I’ll send you the timetable and more info.

PPS – I’m taking next week off so if I’m late with my reply you’ll know why. I’ll be scheduling in some emails so you can still get some cool entertainment each day but won’t be spending any time online.


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