Never Thought I’d See This Day

Well I nearly feel off my chair when I came across this the other day.

Seems like the nutrition police – AKA Nutrition Australia – have finally realised that the food pyramid they’ve been sprouting for ever and a day was wrong.

Yes, I can’t believe it myself.

I had to re-read it.

So credit, where credit is due, I’ll give them a wrap for realising that they had it wrong.

But they’ve still got work to do.

Baby steps I guess, maybe in another 10-20 years they’ll change it again.


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But lets focus on the positives today:

They’ve taken out junk food as a sometimes thing that used to be at the top of the old pyramid

They’ve realised that grains shouldn’t be on the bottom of the table (i.e. eat more of it). They still have it second which I think is WAY too much but it’s a start.
But now for where they still need work:

Unfortunately, the healthy fats are still at the top of the pyramid (as in eat less of it).

I really think this is messed up cause we need fats.

Fat fills us up and adds taste to food.

PLUS it means we eat way less sugar which is crap that only makes us fatter and contributes to our obesity epidemic.

And the other scary thing is they feature soy milk as part of their milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives recommendations.

I would strongly encourage you to NEVER drink soy milk or eat soy foods like tofu.

Unless you want to mess with your thyroid functioning, then by all means – go ahead.

So I’ll call this the “Living on a Prayer” update cause they’re half way there as Bon Jovi sang.

What do you think?


PS – here’s that link if you’re interested to see how it looks for yourself

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