Office Butt?

Now I know why my arse is big.

(yes I do hate buying shorts or jeans cause half the time I can’t get them over my big salmon)

While I technically don’t work in an office so to speak, I do sit down for half the day – driving, working on the computer like now and when I’m sitting on the lounge at home

(my favourite past time)

In fact one of Emily’s Peppa Pig books sums me up to a tee.

Its about Daddy pig and one of the pages says “My Daddy says he likes to keep in shape all the time but he’s favourite exercise is lifting the remote control”.

Got me.

But back to office butt.

This article I came across this morning might explain it.

Israeli researchers found our fat cells expand and become stiffer when they come under constant pressure.

“We found that fat cells exposed to sustained, chronic pressure — such as what happens to the buttocks when you’re sitting down — experienced accelerated growth of lipid droplets, which are molecules that carry fats,” 

The effect was contagious too — the surrounding cells started expanding too.

So it isn’t just our arse getting bigger.

Its everything else too.

Need to get rid of the office butt?

So the key is really getting out and about and breaking up our sitting down all day.

As a result, I’m scoping out interest for a lunch group in the CBD on Wednesday and Fridays.

TIME: 12:15-12:45pm

WHEN: Wednesdays and Fridays – starting next Wednesday Jan 20

WHERE: Observatory Hill OR Hyde Park depending on numbers.

For more info on the groups and what you get as part of the game plan should this go ahead, as well as the investment, click here

Want in?

HIT reply now and tell me you’d be very keen.

That you’re in if it goes ahead.

And also tell me your preference for either Observatory Hill or Hyde Park



PS – i need 5 people to make this a goer. I’ve got 1 already. You want it to happen I need you to help me


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