Once It Hits Your Lips It’s Soooo Good

Remember Frank The Tank? 

If you’re scratching your head it’s Will Ferrell from one of the best movies of all time – ‘Old School’.

That line is funny cause it’s true. 

And like Frank The Tank loves that beer going down – that first taste once it hits your lips it’s sooo good!

– that’s how it feels when you take that first bite or first sip of your favourite go-to cheat meal.

What’s yours?

Me, I reckon pizza or hot chips would be in the finals.

But the winner has to be that first sip of a cold drink on a hot day. 

Or any day.

Whatever your go-to is – and with hump day here and our mind starting to shift to the weekend –

chances are we’ll all be having something that’ll give you that feeling.

Whatever yours is, the take home point is this:

You should never feel guilty when you get into these foods.

The key is obviously not to do it all the time.

Have a few days during the week  where you don’t get stuck into it.

Not exactly earth shattering news but as usual there’s a method in my madness.

When it’s planned as part of your game plan – you don’t have to feel guilty.

That way when you have it – you enjoy it and don’t have to beat yourself up because you ‘failed’ in your healthy eating quest.

That’s why the DPM 3 Day Detox that all clients get access to works so well.

It lets you have that stuff.

You get to enjoy it.

Satisfy the craving so-to-speak of whatever you’re hanging for.

Lets you remember that you don’t have to live like a nun to get any progress.

But it also means for the 3 days of the ‘detox’ that you’re not having that stuff.

And don’t be put off by the detox word.

It’s not what you think.

You’re not forced to detox on rabbit food.

I’ll go more into that another day.

The stuff actually tastes pretty sweet.

And you get to enjoy those favourite things too.

No lock on the fridge needed.


Come join me as part of Team DPM

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Just like good old Frank The Tank you can have your drink and enjoy it too

– once it hits your lips it’s sooo good!

Maybe leave out “we’re going streaking to the quad” part that followed though.

But who am I to judge if that’s your thing…


PS – You’ll not only get your detox book as a hard copy but the updated cookbook is going to print next week so it’ll soon be in your grasp too.

Click the link below to get started



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