I just found out that today is World Health Day according to my calendar. And this ties in perfectly with what i was going to write about today.

If you are a sports fan here in Australia, you are no doubt aware that there have been a couple of sports that have been kicked in the guts over the last 2 weeks.

2 weeks ago Newcastle Knights Rugby League player Alex McKinnon was badly injured in a tackle that went wrong. He is still in hospital facing the prospect of not being able to walk again – let alone play footy. That is a lot for a fit and healthy 23 year old who was just going about his job to get his head around.

Then last week the racing world got a kick in the face. Young jockey Nathan Berry, also 23, passed away after a short battle with a serious condition Norse Syndrome after falling ill suddenly during track work. Nathan was a fit and healthy young bloke who only got married 2 months ago with no health issues before this.

And both guys by all accounts were ┬áthe nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Those two incidents just rammed home the fact to me that I have a lot to be thankful for.

I, like most of us, will bitch and moan at times about our various ailments. I always joke that my body is a train wreck because of all the injuries that I got from playing footy. Neck, back, knees etc.

But the Alex McKinnon story made me realise again that after my neck injury – my last game of Rugby I got carried off on a spinal board after getting spear tackled in my first game back from a neck injury – that I indeed had a lot to be thankful for.

I got to walk out of the ground after I was cleared of any serious injury by the doctor on duty – and referred for further treatment.

That’s the big thing. While I may bitch and moan about my injuries at times giving me grief – at least I can feel those body parts – unlike Alex and may others in his position.

And we all get down from time to time but at least we can wake up in the morning and go about our life unlike the family of Nathan Berry who have to pick up the pieces after losing him so suddenly.

These last 2 incidents especially make me even more thankful for what I have and today, on World Health Day I encourage you to have a moment and be thankful for what you have – rather than falling in the old trap of wishing for what we don’t have. I today, especially, am thankful for what I do have.



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