Phoning It In

Todays probably a perfect day for phoning it in…

Saying stuff it…

Think I’ll just stay in bed…

It’s pissing down outside…

Has been for days…

It’s only going to get worse…

Getting to work’s going to be a bitch…

Why bother…


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Did you catch yourself saying that this morning?

You weren’t Robinson Crusoe if you did that’s for sure.

Day in day out.

You see the same story no matter where you look.

People doing the same thing even though it is not working.

Stuck in a rut.

Just phoning it in if you wish.

It doesn’t have to be raining for this thought to happen.

Afterall, whoever came up with the concept of working 5 days and getting only 2 days off on a weekend really has something to answer for right?

But then you had the ones who looked at it the other way.

They had something to get done and they got it done.

Sure, the rain is a pain in the arse.

But when it comes down to it it’s just another obstacle that has to get conquered.

So if you were one of the ones who got up today, and made something happen, I really want to give you a wrap.

It ain’t easy.

Not when its like this.

You showed that things are happening.

And despite the rain you still made it happen.

That deserves a huge pat on the back.

Sometimes you just gotta revert to the plan B.

Hit a quick 5-10 minute home workout if you missed what you’d planned to do today.

You don’t need much space.

Just some room in front of your tele and you’re sweet.

Get the heart rate up and get it done.

Keep on it.



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