Plan B

Funny how the world works.

Couple of weeks ago, most of the NBA world had never heard of this bloke.

The back up.

Only the true basketball fans knew who he was.

Now, he’s an international hero.

Plus he’s an Aussie.

Enter Matthew Dellavedova.


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This guy steps in for one of the big dogs of his team when he gets injured – at the most important time of the year – the finals.

And gets the job done.

Big time.

And the basketball world has gone nuts over him.

Bloke even has twitter parodies after him.

My favourite is the one I saw last night:

“Dellavedova was originally cast on #TheBachelorette but all episodes canceled because he instinctively stopped every dude from scoring.


But I digress.

Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you love basketball or even know who Delly is.

That’s irrelevant.

What is relevant is how this relates to you and your mission to get back in them skinny jeans.

Truth is right now Delly could probably make skinny jeans on blokes look cool.

But that’s a question to ponder another day.

The take home is he was the back up – plan b – if you wish when the superstar went down hurt.

But he is getting the job done.

He dives on the lose balls that no-one else wants to put their body on the line for.

He hustles in defence and causes turnovers.

His defence has basically shut down the league MVP of the Warriors -Steph Curry.

He is the bulldog that doesn’t give up.

But the biggest thing is he has done all this through one way only


He hasn’t been handed anything on a platter.

He’s had to grind and work for everything he is now reaping.

Delly wasn’t drafted and was only picked up as a late addition by the Cavs last year.

He doesn’t look like a baller.

No height
No speed
No lightning skills
The only reason he is at where he is now is cause of one reason only.


Same goes for you and your mission to lose those couple of kgs from the tummy and thighs.

It comes from making sacrifices.

It comes from passing up on opportunities that may come up from people wanting to get you side tracked.

It comes from yep you guessed it:

Doing the hard work when no-one else is watching.

From being disciplined to follow up on what you said you were going to do.

Got a workout locked in?

Get it done.

Got no cheats planned from monday to friday?

Get it done.

Don’t let the short term distraction get in the way of the long term ambition.

Close your eyes now and imagine the end result.

Now open your eyes and do the work to get that result!



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